My Rapist

Today i saw the man that raped me when I was 17 and took my virginity away. I’ve never told anyone the truth behind it but he was our mail man. He was in his 30s when it happened. I thought he loved me but as I look back he would always say things to keep me quiet about what was going on. At the time I didn’t see it. I was a young high school kid in love. 

He took my virginity in the back of his mail truck. Thinking about it makes me disgusted. How could he, having two daughters of his own do that to me? How could he take advantage of a child like that? I remember his penis being so small that i didn’t even bleed from penetration. I’m not even afraid to say his real name on here because of what He did to me, Curtis. 

My heart raced as I walked towards him but i just froze in my parents doorway and my heart just raced. I couldn’t do it. What would i say? 

My hearts still racing. That day he stole a piece of me that I can never get back. Curtis, how could you?