Pleasing Myself Sexually

So I’m currently crushing over this guy from Macadonia. He’s tall, white, smart, funny, indifferent, and he takes control in every situation.

When I touch my vagina i get dry. No matter what i Try to do to play with it, it’s like my vagina won’t except my fingers it’s so weird. But all i have to do is think of his big hands cupping my breasts & I’m instantly wet & craving his touch. I told him all of this, in probably a little bit more detail & he responded with “no comment” he then said “the more i say no the more you’re going to chase and want me.” 

In that moment i felt so embarrassed i had opened up to him and been vulnerable with how i couldn’t please myself and that was his response. I also felt ashamed that I’d be perceived as someone who was chasing. I expected him to say something funny like “when i fly to nyc I’ll teach you” but i guess maybe its because i expected one  thing that i was so shocked i got another. 

I don’t know if i need to watch some youtube tutorials or something. But i need to  learn what  body likes. I think im not going to talk to my Eastern European for a while.