Sometimes i just want to die

I can’t breathe. Is death better than life? Am I better off dead? I disappoint and lie to so many people maybe I’m making it worse than better for them. 

People want to know the answers to all these serious questions, answers I don’t have and it overwhelms me. I just want to kill myself and be done with this world. But what’s the garuntee that I won’t have the same problems in the afterlife? 

When I started feeling this way I wanted to journal but I’m in transit right now and didn’t have a pen. So what could i do? This is the only other place i could think of that i could be honest and vent.

I want to die right now so bad. What’s there to live for?


Author: akadancer4life

I'm a woman learning to tell the truth about myself

2 thoughts on “Sometimes i just want to die”

  1. Whatever you’re doing is what is meant to be done. Step a little away from the good and bad, these are extremes of one and the same. If you have to do things to others that seem bad to you, it may well be, that you have that role to play in the lives of the others by doing so. As to the guarantees, well none indeed, and most likely your afterlife is going to be a reflection of all the emotions and experiences that you’re having now. If you are full of negative emotions, chances are you’ll be trapped in a dream-like chaos full of experiences symbolising this negativity. Try to find the good in everything, spin it, try to observe life as a 3rd person, try to see the lessons each situation is trying to teach you, especially if those are repeating in your life. What’s there to live for? I guess it’s just conscious experiencing of all the multitude of situations, good and bad, all to be played and lived out…purpose? not sure, but it’s beautiful, all of it.


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